Sunday, 16 September 2007

Ashmead's Kernel

Raised around 1700 in Gloucester by Dr Ashmead, parentage unknown. It is thought to be amongst the best of dessert apples grown, receiving an Award of Merit fron the RHS in 1969, and a First Class Certificate in 1981. The dictionary describes a kernel as a ''nut or a seed''. The medium sized fruits are round in shape, slightly flat, and frequently lop-sided. A rather unattractive yellow/pale brown rough skin conceals the wonders below; namely a firm and juicy flesh, fine in texture which is white with a hint of green and yellow, and pleasantly aromatic. An acidic apple when eaten from the tree, this mellows to become sweeter and juicy. Its' distinctive flavour which makes it as popular now as it was over 300 years ago.

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