Monday, 21 January 2008

January 2008. Changes to the back wall.

The back wall was without a doubt the worst aspect of the original conversion. Nasty up-an-over garage door, poky, flimsy little modern windows and a hideous wooden contraption around the back door (which has already gone, thankfully.) At last, major change is underway. Progress is slow because none of the windows we want are in the same place as the old and all need to resemble the original windows which all, we've discovered, have brick arches. Mick is in charge of this and has three new windows to create upstairs, which is where we are now. I can't wait for the ground floor to change.

By our visit next week, the floor joists and plywood under-flooring should have been laid. Meanwhile the rain continues to pour and por and pour. It had better stop in the next few weeks because the roof must be replaced, purlins lowered and new rooflights fitted before any more interior work can start.
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