Tuesday, 12 February 2008

After the blizzard

This and the previous photo were taken by Bill, our neighbour, the day after the snow of February 1st. It blizzarded all afternoon and at about 4.30pm the power went out. We were due to return to Harrogate the following morning but the thought of spending any time in a holiday cottage with one candle, no heating, no light, no hot food, not even a kettle did not appeal so we packed up. It's just as well we did because we later learned that the power was not restored until about 7pm the following day. What was even more amazing that having driven through thick snow and darkness for several miles, lights were blazing with hardly a trace of snow in Kirbymoorsideand none whatsoever once we got down Sutton Bank. We felt as bad as rats leaving the sinking ship but we were ill-equipped in Dale Cottage. When we're permanent Rosedale residents, we'll have a generator, a camping gas stove, plenty of blankets and will be able to stick it out like everyone else! Having said that, we were told that there hadn't been such a long outage in several years. And even the snow didn't last long. By the time Bill took the sunset photo the following day, the snow had gone except in pockets on high ground where it still remained the following week despite the spring-like sunshine.
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