Thursday, 15 May 2008

The Saga of the Giant Hogweed that never was

We paid a flying visit to the chapel last Saturday and whilst mooching about the desolation that is the garden found this plant lurking in the ditch. Very odd. Being blessed with a all-too vivid imagination and not a lot of gardening knowledge I wondered whether it could be a Giant Hogweed, scourge of the countryside and requiring careful management to eradicate. Visions of triffid-like beasts marching downstream, filling the whole of Rosedale coloured my dreams. Mind you, in more sanguine moments, I did rather wonder how it had got there and grown so quickly since our previous visit - but there it was. We couldn't ask Peter because he was away for a few days at the Malvern Spring Flower Show.

When he returned he quickly reassured us. It is in fact a Gunnera. One of its nicknames is Giant Rhubarb so you can see why I might have been mistaken. He was given the cutting by another of his customers. A Google search revealed that this grows to be a fine plant that looks stunning growing by water. I was a bit surprised that he'd put it in the ditch rather than in the ground by it but that turns out to be a temporary measure to keep it alive until he has chosen its final position. Silly me - again.

Panic over and our very first new plant to enjoy, that is, not counting the cedar tree he moved a month or so ago. We still don't know whether it will survive but I thought it looked pretty healthy yesterday. I'm sure I saw some fresh green shoots. But then, what do I know?

Giant Hogweed indeed.
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