Saturday, 14 June 2008

Quite a few changes

The builders' caravan - or as Ian refers to it, the Conference Facility - has been moved so that complicated levels in the garden can be sorted out. Otherwise we will have a sloping terrace, a wonky drive and the drainage will be all over the place. Peter has also begun on the pond. All the scaffolding has come down (except at the back which awaits the fledging of the blue-tits and jackdaws.) The underfloor heating pipes have been fitted upstairs as well as the horrendously complicated controls that will, thankfully, be hidden in a cupboard. The horrid window frames of the front flour windows have been rerplaced by the new oak ones and await Alan's stained glass. We had originally wanted the stained glass to act as a screen but having realised what a great view we can now see through what used to be frosted glass we have asked him to make it clearer around the edges. We're going up to his workshop again next week to discuss this.

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