Sunday, 6 July 2008

Continuing Progress

Work continues slowly but steadily. Brothers Mick and Steve are carrying on with the garage, the joiners have almost finished laying the oak flooring downstairs whilst Brian and Colin build the low wall which will mark the boundary of the terrace and the lawn.

That was Wednesday 2nd July. By the Friday we'd heard that Norton Joinery who began removing the wromng glass from the window frames and replacing them had not done a good enough job, according to Ian. Work has now stopped on that until Jon and I get to see what the problem is. All it takes is for one person not to follow clear instructions and there are days if not weeks of delays and frustrations.

Peter told as that because the ground levels need to rise in one corner of the garden, the small Rowan tree we love is going to have to go. Apparently if you bank earth up around the trunk of a tree above ground level, it kills it. We have asked him to plant a new one when the time comes. I hate having to remove trees but the good news is that the cedar tree that Peter moved earlier in the year seems to be coping with the trauma and the roots are absorbing water from the ground as shown by the new growth. The continued wet spring and summer has helped but only time will tell. It isn't out of the woods yet.
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