Thursday, 24 July 2008

Earth, Wind, Water and Fire

At last, summer has arrived but unfortunately it brought with it constant sneezing for Jon and sore eyes for me, which wasn't helped by the bonfire the builders had lit to get rid of old wooden packing cases. The wind was swirling the smoke everywhere making our throats burn and eyes sting. But it was good to see the weather vane (mad cyclist, which we thought was apt) was up and spinning, even if Ian didn't seem to know exactly where north was despite his having lived in the village for over 20 years. Jon took his trusty compass and waved it about a bit so matters are in hand.

Peter was cutting the flags to fit around the pond. He hasn't concreted them in yet, hence the wonky teeth look.

We now have a bath with cold running water!!! (The boiler hasn't been fitted yet) As well as one functioning loo, although we didn't want to put it to the test at this early stage so my usual trip to the village public conveniences was unchanged. The kitchen continues to take shape and the stove, fridge and dishwasher will be arriving on Friday. We are visiting again on Saturday with Robin and Clare so will have a good look at them then.

No news on the staircase yet (we didn't dare ask how they got the bath up the ladder) and now we've just heard that the electricity bods can't come and resite the meter or put the new cables underground from the post until the end of August. We arranged and paid for the job last year and they said that once the builders were ready, they only needed 10 days' notice to come and do the job. It seems their days are in fact weeks. Unbelievable.

Oh and finally, I couldn't resist including the photo of the heather in bloom across Spaunton Moor. It's a reminder of why we want to move to Rosedale Abbey. The heather is at its very best now. Unfortunately, it'll be the grouse-slaughtering season soon and the air will be full of loud bangs and the roads clogged with city men looking silly in tweeds, cloth caps and green wellies and guns they don't know how to handle.
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Jo said...

It's shaping up beautifully, Sally. Can't wait to come and see it when it's finished!