Thursday, 14 August 2008

Five weeks to go . . .

There's no turning back now. We have given notice to complete the sale of our current house on September 29th so if the chapel isn't finished by then, we'll be homeless. However, Ian reckons the chapel interior will be finished a week before that and we are trying to believe him. Mind you, judging by yesterday's visit there still seems a heck of a lot to do before we can move in. Loo seats, anyone? The outside work won't be anywhere near finished but we are prepared to cope with that. As the photos show we now have a staircase although it is still in bits and pieces and probably won't be properly in place for several days. Here's me gazing at the bottom end. It all looks very odd - and strangely large - from that angle. It's a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. Alan has already discovered that one bit supplied didn't fit properly but after a lot of discussion and scratching of heads - see Ian to the left (!) - it all fits now. Richard and Ryan are shown in the photo below starting work on my pride and joy, the bookcase in the breakfast area. I can't wait to fill it up - it won't take long.

Meanwhile in Harrogate, Peter Silk has collected several large pieces of furniture to be re-upholstered, mended and refurbished. When done, they'll be delivered straight to the chapel. Meanwhile, we're eating off garden tables and chairs - inside, of course. Good thing as it's been bucketing down for the past week. John is working on an old table we're hoping to get rid of soon and I'm camped out with my PC in the dining-room. Rooms and walls are rapidly emptying - we've taken down those paintings, prints etc that won't be coming with us - and the house feels cold and characterless; in fact, just a house, rather than a home.

Back in Rosedale Abbey, Aurora have been read the Riot Act and have sent someone round to make good, although we've discovered some more places where wood needs replacing. The oil tank is now in place and Jon has arranged for it to be filled next week. (Trust us to have to be moving to an oil-only area just as the price has gone through the roof) and the chapel is full of stuff - builders' stuff, that is, not ours although Anthony has already put up one of our own light-fittings so maybe it won't be long before it feels like home. Fingers crossed.
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Annie Wicking said...

Your new home looks wonderful, Sally. I wish you much happiness in there.

Best wishes,

Nicola Slade said...

Remember the Barn Building in Seven brides for seven brothers, Sally? You could have a housewarming party finishing off all the little jobs! Volunteering here and now to mix the Pimms, such an arduous task.

Sally Zigmond said...

What a good idea, Nicola. I'll serve Screwdrivers and you bring yours!

Annie. I'm glad you like it. I'll just be glad when it's all over!