Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Still getting straight....

...and we're still in a bit of a mess (protective mats on floor as builders are still tramping in and out and dust ever present). We are also still in the process of hanging pictures, although more have gone up on the walls since I took these pictures. We haven't got curtains yet apart from in our bedroom. But it's slowly beginning to feel like home.

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Jo said...

WOW! Sally, it looks absolutely fabulous. Fit for a Homes and Gardens magazine. You've decorated the house so tastefully. I love it!

Jane Smith said...

I'm impressed by how clean and organised it is. My house NEVER looks like that.

lifemodel said...

I agree with Jo, it does look fabulous and well worth all that time and effort.

Coburg Crafts said...

Well, hello, a blast from your past here, Sally, or should I say Sally-Bloody-Zigmond! Now you know exactly who it is!!
Your new home looks absolutely wonderful. I can see, reading back through your blog, that it's been a long and sometimes fraught journey, but now you have reached the destination, you must be thrilled.
Wishing you every happiness at The Old Chapel.
Much love,