Monday, 20 October 2008

A walk round Rosedale Abbey cont.

The 'Give Way' triangle marks where Heygate Lane on which our chapel stands and which leads over the moors and eventually to Whitby. Here it meets the main road that runs north-south from Castleton to Pickering. The chapel you can just spy in the distance is the 'other' one which is bigger than ours and divided into 3 houses. It confuses delivery drivers no end but the locals know the difference. That one is the 'Primnitive' chapel and we are the 'Wesleyan', both Methodist and both unused for worship for quite some time.
The church of St Lawrence is still in use and this is the churchyard, also still being used for burials. The single story building in the third photo is the home and workshop of Stephen Gillies and Kate Jones of Gillies-Jones Glass on Milk Street and used to be the village blacksmiths. The last phot is of another house on Milk Street which many years ago was the village reading room (where presumably the iron miners could read newspapers and a selection of books.)

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