Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Bare Bones

November is not a good time for any garden. But when the garden in question barely exists, it can be depressing. Then again, a shape and a structure exits; all it needs is plants, warmth and sunshine. Here are the bare bones of a small formal garden and its box hedging. (I think I've already mentioned somewhere that the leaf-shaped birdbath was rescued from the old pond where it had been used as part of a long-since defunct waterfall.) The second photo shows the wall Peter has built around the tree which we thought was a larch because that's the only deciduous conifer I could name but, thanks to a passer-by who happened to be a tree-expert, we found out is a metasequoia or dawn redwood. It has yet to lose its leaves this year like most of the ash trees that line our boundary with the field at the back, although the one immediately behind the chapel is completely bare. And finally, the view towards the west looking distinctly autumnal.

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