Saturday, 16 May 2009

A walk up the garden (1)

Those among you who have been reading this blog right from the beginning (and if not, why not?) will know that the garden is a bit unusual. It extends from the east side of the chapel with its conservatory and terrace and follows steep Heygate lane up the bank in the shape of an isosceles triangle. (For the geometrically challenged, it tapers gradually to practically nothing.) Beyond is a tangle of undergrowth, then Heygate farm and the open moors where you will find no further habitation (except a ruined shepherd’s cottage which I covet) until, after 8 glorious miles, the road drops down over a ford and into the wooded Eskdale village of Egton Bridge.

Right; back to the garden. Follow me…

Out of the conservatory, across the stone terrace and up the steps onto the lawn. (The stone planters, as well as the wire trough baskets, were left by the previous owner and will be planted up with annuals as soon as the danger of frosts has passed.)

Just beyond the garage, which is on your left, is the partly planted (and therefore still rather sparse) heather and conifer bed. Further on and to the right is the not-quite-completed pond and its rockery and waterfall which has been planted with ferns and hostas.

The fourth picture is taken from just behind the garage where my new super-duper washing carousel whizzes round like the clappers in the northerly gales that sweep down from Northdale. You can also catch a glimpse of the little beck that tumbles down from the moor to join the Northdale Beck just after the Milburn Arms.

Unfortunately, Blogger only allows me to post four photos at a time. The stroll up the garden continues…

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Jo said...

I can't believe you've achieved so much with the garden in such a short time. It looks fabulous! I can't even keep our postage stamp back garden tidy. I haven't done any weeding at all this year and the bindweed is taking over again! Shame on me.