Saturday, 12 September 2009

Now is the Time to Say Goodbye

It's hard to believe but it's almost a year since we moved in. And as autumn has come to Rosedale once again, it seems the right time to close. But work goes on. The garden has given us a great deal of pleasure this year but is beginning to fade, as the final flush of the foxgloves in photo three show. And as it matures in years to come, it will continue to do so. Remedial work inside also continues. You can just spot Alan's van as he is in the process of adding extra draft-proofing to the sash-windows which will, I hope, keep us extra comfortable next winter. (At times, it was like living in Wuthering Heights.)

The leave are beginning to turn and the plums are once again ripe for picking. Time to close the doors and batten down the hatches for another winter, although in this Indian Summer we're having, it's hard to believe just how cold it can get here.

Thank you for reading and commenting. It's been a pleasure.

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pierre l said...

Thank you for this great account. Some time ago, I started reading from the beginning and got to the halfway mark before getting distracted by other things. But I always intended to return and catch up.
I hope "close" means you are going to stop updating, not delete the whole thing. Please.
If you are worried about Spam comments, you can always turn comments off (as long as the original text and pictures remain).
Thank you again for writing it, and I hope you will enjoy your converted church.