Thursday, 21 February 2008

The horrid old garage door is in the skip . . .

And the new back door is taking shape. Here Mick and Brian are seen once again rehearsing their synchronised moves as they slowly but surely fill in the gap. How they have managed to keep working through this past week of sub-zero temperatures defeats my imagination but work they have - and Simon and Ian and the team of joiners who we found upstairs fixing the stud walls to divide the space into bedrooms and bathrooms. The new oak lintels are now in place in the four small front windows and we hear that the new window frames are being made. However, the major advance is that the ground floor surface is now in place so that everything is suddenly back in proportion and we can at last begin to get a real feel for how the rooms will look when they're finished. Next week Ian and his team will begin building the new detatched garage and take over from Peter lining the ditch which will run behind it with stone. The electrician begins work at the end of March and in April the roof will be revamped and insulated. Meanwhile the garden, although still a disaster area, continues to take shape. Peter hopes to start digging out the new pond soon. And yet, although we know things are moving gradually, the frost-rimed trees throughout the dale seemed to be telling us to stand still and wait. For everything there is a season. And somehow we felt we'd been rewarded as by the time we turned to go home, the frost had slipped from the trees, a robin was hopping about the hawthorn trees and the temperature began slowly but steadily to rise. Maybe spring is on its way after all.
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