Monday, 10 March 2008

The Great Chapel Dumper Truck Disaster

Things were certainly humming at out last visit. A meeting with a heating enginerr helped dot the Is and cross the Ts on aspects of the underfloor heating in particular and the water supply in general. This revealed, rather worryingly, that whilst the rest of the village has high water pressure, that to the chapel is decidedly feeble. Without remedial action we'll be standing under a feeble dribble instead of a brabnd-new spanking powerful shower. So it was decided to get Yorkshire Water in to find out why and remedy things. The probable cause is either a narrow supply pipe or the fact that the Milburn Arms next door is taking all our water before it reaches us. Damn. Yet another fundamental problem that needs to be sorted. And I thought we'd passed that stage long ago.

Work began on digging out the foundations for the new garage. Ian had promised us a silver spade to cut the first sod but mindful that the first sod we came across was likely to be Colin who had somehow steered the dumper truck into a heap of soggy soil where it stuck fast, work began when we were otherwise occupied.

What can we tick off the list of work-to-be-done? Anything? Oh yes. The ditch is now fully-lined in stone from the top to the bottom of the garden. Peter is now planting rhododendrons and azaleas along the terraces he's created in the very top of the garden. All the partition walls are in place inside the chapel and the new rooflights are being manufactured for us. Also in progress are the window and door frames, doors and Alan has begun making his stained glass for the front windows. The electrician is on-hand to start all the wiring work at the end of the month. So a lot is happening but not that you'd notice so that even something as commonplace as a dumper truck getting stuck in a heap of mud, everyone gathers to watch.
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