Thursday, 28 August 2008

How could I forget...

The staircase? I was so taken aback by the stained glass that I forgot to mention it. As the photo shows, it's nowhere near finished - thanks mainly to Flaxton Forge - and reaching the first floor still requires a wrestle with a steep ladder. The structure won't be open underneath, which I think is a shame, but Jon insists we need (by which he means 'he') need storage space. Alan, seen above, is beavering away with hammer and chisel and everyone says it will look fabulous when it's finished. When being the operative word.
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Annie Wicking said...

Wow, Sally, things are really taking shape in your new home.

Will you be in by Christmas?

Best wishes and a hot cup of tea,


Sally Zigmond said...

Hi Annie

We're moving in in three weeks!!

It won't all be finished but we have to leave where we're living now.