Friday, 5 September 2008

Many Men and More Mud

Top picture shows Stephen Murdie, surveyor, clip board in hand, surveying the newly installed granite work tops whilst the second shows a rather startled Richard Patterson in the process of polishing them. Whatever he was using was pretty heady stuff and Anthony, who was working off-camera in a cupboard (don't ask) had to go out and get some fresh air before he floated off over the dale, giggling. I am so thrilled by the granite and particularly the island unit which is large enough to dissect an elephant on. I am now planning what to put on it--aside from an elephant. Large lamp? Huge flower display? Mega fruit bowl? Mmmm...maybe an elephant isn't a bad idea, after all. Lets see. A dark blue elephant or maybe pink....

Picture three shows the back of Alan's head and Carl Wood, his boss, fitting the gallery balustrading. (What a perfect name for a joiner, by the way.) The final shot is of Mick and Brian sorting out the garden levels by building a retaining wall. We had hoped that the garden would be drying out now but yet another episode of heavy rain has once more turned it into a veritable ocean of sludge.

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Jo said...

The kitchen looks fab, Sally. I've always wanted an island as well as a belfast sink! Lucky you.

Jane Smith said...

That granite worktop looks like a skating-rink, and I could live in your kitchen cupboards. I want your kitchen. I shall come and visit and insist that you entertain me.

Best of luck for the 23rd.