Thursday, 11 September 2008

Almost there

The chapel resembled a builders' convention when we arrived yesterday. Mike and Brian were busy concreting the garage floor and inside the chapel eight men were beavering away; three joiners, two blacksmiths, one decorator, one electrician and one kitchen fitter and of course, Ian and Steve, made ten. Once we squeezed ourself in there were twelve bods in total, including me, the token female.

The balustrades are being fitted at the rate of knots, the new oak front door is in place as well as the stone flags on the conservatory floor. One by one, rooms are being finished and shut to avoid dust getting on the newly sealed wooden floors. Our bedroom and shower room is more or less done as is the bathroom and two spare bedrooms. The utility room is shaping up as is the cloakroom.

But still there seems an awful lot to do before we move in. One week, five days and counting. Only one more Wednesday visit and one more blog entry.

That's the good news. The bad news is that I wanted to wind up this blog with a flourish: loads of 'after' photos of the chapel fitted and more or less furnished. Unfortunately, there are broadband access problems to be ironed out before I can. Too tedious and technical to recount here (even if I understood it) the upshot is that we won't have any internet access for a long time after we move - maybe months - and even then it will be slow. Bear with me. I will put up photos to round everything off when I can.

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Jane Smith said...

I want that staircase. It's gorgeous.

Fingers crossed that they're ready for you next week, Sally.