Thursday, 18 September 2008

Sink or Swim

And still moving day creeps ever closer and although an awful lot has been done in the week since our last visit, there's still a huge amount to finish. In fact, although we had hoped that all the work inside would have been done and dusted by the time we took up residence, this is just not going to happen. Norton Joinery have left it to the very last minute to deliver the mdf panelling for the stairs. Then it needs fitting and painting. However, time is needed to wax-seal the ground floor which needs a good 48 hours to dry. Therefore, everybody and all their junk has to be out and everything washed and swept before this work can be done and readied for Monday evening when we arrive (minus goods and chattels.) The timetable is roughly this: the panels are fitted today (Thursday) and then clearing and cleaning begins. Robin will be left alone (his preferred state) to seal the floor on Friday and nobody but him will be allowed to put one socked toe over the threshold until Sunday afternoon (on pain of instant execution, or so I've been told.) It wasn't supposed to be like this. It was all going to be so organised and smooth. Ha. And Jon and I would be so calm and unstressed. Ha again.

Good things. The double sink is in the kitchen and the single is in the utility room. I love the newly-fitted taps. I was playing with them yesterday like an Amazonian who'd never seen instant hot and cold running water before. Magic. The underfloor heating is working and is being kept on low. Even so, it felt pretty cosy inside the chapel yesterday as autumn mists and mellow fruitfulness began to take a hold outside.
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