Thursday, 18 September 2008

Good Things

This post is going to be the last for some time. I have already moaned about the fact that internet access at the chapel will take some time to arrange and perfect. And for those who have suggested super-duper wifi, please be advised that the village has no mobile phone signal, although Alan, the joiner, when working on the roof-ridge, almost fell off when his mobile began to trill. Even so, dedicated as I am to keeping the world informed of my fascinating life, I will not be shinning up the slates with a laptop any time soon.

So, feast your eyes longingly on the these three photos. First is the balustrading in all its glory. (Plenty of Wow Factor here.) Next are the shutters for the stained glass windows.

And finally, a last look at the horrendous mess as well as a sneak preview of the steps leading up from the front door. In case you've forgotten, we had to raise the ground floor otherwise we would not have been able to see out of the windows built to allow celestial light to fall upon the chapel's congregation without allowing them to divert their attention from the service.

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Jo said...

I just love the balustrading, Sally. Very grand! I'm going to miss your blog and your emails!

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